Landscape tips

Over the years we have found many home owners often look at their lawn and are lost as to how they can improve it through landscaping. Most home owners have a strict budget that can seem to prevent any large scale landscape projects or lawn additions. However, with these money saving landscaping tips, Old South Landscaping can help you get well on your way to transforming your lawn into a piece of art, even on the tightest of budgets.

  1. Always Plan Your Lawn – Old South Landscaping can help you map out your lawn and including notes about possible additions before beginning. Be as specific as possible. For example, it may not be enough to simply draw a stream through your yard if you are considering one. What will be the source of the water? Will there be a rock bed or would you prefer it to be surrounded by plants?
  2. Make a Decision About What Design You Would Like – If you make too many sacrifices to save money on your landscaping project, you might find the result unsatisfactory. For example, if you have always dreamed of a circular gazebo, don’t settle for a square one. You may find that it is not as enjoyable to use as your previous plan.
  3. Consult With A Professional – Even if you cannot afford to have a professional handle your landscaping project, doing a quick 30 minute to 1 hour consultation session about your plans and goals can be very valuable. Old South Landscaping can supply you with a landscaping professional who can assist you in setting reasonable goals and defining a reasonable budget. Spending the money for a short consultation can save you from many costly mistakes later.
  4. Large Projects May Need To Be Divided Into Phases – If you have some ambitious goals but a budget that does not justify them, do them in phases or projects, Old South Landscaping can help you determine the sequence of projects so that you don't have to re-do previous phases, preventing wasted money and frustration.
  5. Do Not Make the Mistake of Thinking That Cheaper is Always Better – You may want to save a great deal of money on new shrubs for your lawn. However, if the shrubs are too low of quality, you might not get exactly what you expected. Although the prices at local nurseries might be higher than superstores, nurseries often have a much better selection to help you make better landscaping decisions and most have guarantees on their shrubs and trees.